Who we are


ARTE at a glance

The European culture channel

ARTE: Association relative à la télévision européenne (Association for European Television) Since 1992 ARTE has been bringing Europeans together. Based in Strasbourg and financed by the TV licence fee levied in France and Germany. 85 % of the programmes are produced in Europe. 70 % of Europeans can watch ARTE in their mother tongue French, German, English, Spanish, Polish and Italian.

A European vision

Strong anchoring and control mechanisms in a Europe in motion


In Strasbourg


Group Project


95 % Public funding


Our values

Making culture a living link between European citizens

As a responsible European public media, ARTE is committed to issues that are important to European citizens: combating inequality, whether social, cultural, economic, geographical, gender- or disability-related, and promoting sustainable development.


ARTE makes it easy to access its programmes

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Gender Equality

ARTE promotes a culture of equality in the workplace

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ARTE holds respect for the environment as a fundamental value.

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Corporate Identity

ARTE’s corporate identity reflects the Channel’s identity as Europe’s cultural magnet. It has been initiated by ARTE’s Creative Director Cécile Chavepayre and designed by the British agency The Partners together with Lambie-Nairn (now Superunion).