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Every programme with a cultural slant has a home on ARTE

About 56 % of the programmes are documentaries, 19 % feature films, drama and series, 14 % news-related programmes, while 5 % feature music and other performing arts. About two thirds of the programmes broadcast on ARTE are previously unreleased.

ARTE negotiates the rights to all of these programmes in order to offer an ever-richer range to users outside of France and Germany. If ARTE does not hold the international rights to the video that you would like to watch, the following message will appear: “This video is not available in your country”.


Feature films, dramas and series

430 great films per year, 75% TV drama coproduced by ARTE


Culture and Pop Culture

1000 hours of live broadcasts, performing arts, documentaries, culture magazine shows


Sciences, discovery, history

40% of all programmes are documentaries



Investigate your world


ARTE in 6 languages

70 % of Europeans can watch ARTE in their mother tongue

With a digital programme offering in six languages, ARTE is reaching a growing audience across Europe. In addition to German and French, more than 1,500 programmes are also freely available in English, Spanish, Polish and Italian on and via the apps for mobile devices and smart TV. This is a unique experience cofinanced by the European Union since 2015 “to foster EU integration through culture by providing new subtitled versions of selected TV programmes across Europe”.

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ARTE Europe Weekly

A digital news magazine in 4 languages

ARTE Opera Season

The European opera season


Even more ARTE

More offers from the ARTE universe

ARTE Boutique

VOD, DVDs and books in French


A learning resource for teachers and students in secondary education

ARTE Campus

An educational offer for university and professional training

ARTE Radio

Internet Radio Service in French