Do not track

Let's track the trackers together

April 2015 |

Discover our interactive web documentary series about the business with your data.

In Limbo

February 2015 |

A personnalized movie about what becomes our individual and collective memory in the digital era.


September 2014 |

Be the ARTE special correspondent and tell the story of refugee camps.

Easy coming out

June 2014 |

A satirical interactive documentary to show that there actually is no method to reaveal your homosexuality.

Check in

May 2014 |

An interactive documentary about mass tourism going online.

The Devil’s Toy – Remix

April 2014 |

Immerse yourself into the world of skateboarding in this interactive documentary.

24h Jerusalem

April 2014 |

Discover the story of this magical city full of contradictions in a unique web project for all screens.

World of Work

April 2014 |

A journey through the working realities of young Europeans in an interactive questionnaire.

Love your neighbour

March 2013 |

An interactive journey through Europe, searching for the best and most funny clichés.

Fort McMoney

November 2013 |

Take control of the world's 3rd biggest oil reserve and make your worldview triumph.


October 2013 |

Discover this unique videogame that will make you travel through the history of typography.


July 2013 |

Discover Paris though hundreds of movies that were shot in France's capital city.

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No laughing matter

April 2013 |

A cartography of press cartoonists' freedom of speech through the world.

The Brussels Business online

February 2013 |

What's your opinion on European finance regulation, common agriculture policy and anti-tobacco laws? Enter the debate!  


October 2012 |

The unique confession of Alma, a young woman who belonged for 5 years to one of the most violent gangs of Guatemala.

Iraq, 10 years, 100 viewpoints

March 2013 |

March 2003 - March 2013. Ten years of war seen from Iraq and elsewhere on a webdocumentary that is updated daily to May, 1 - the day that George Bush declared the "Mission Accomplished".


May 2012 |

The Earth is changing. The tectonic forces that sculpted it are remodelling our world even now. These incredible forces allowed life to flourish and more than once, almost extinguished it. In some spectacular sites, researchers are discovering clues that allow them to go back in time and reconstitute the epic voyage of the continents and of their inhabitants.


October 2011 |

The objetcs around us are the mirror of what we really are. Barcode - one hundred shortfilms that decipher everyday objects, which can be experienced on a computer or as an iPhone App.

Afghanistan, 10 years, 100 viewpoints

October 2011 |

October 2001 – October 2011. Ten years of war as seen from Afghanistan and elsewhere on a multimedia platform that was updated daily, from October 3rd to November 4th 2011. Testimonies from Afghans, photographers, exiles, cartoonists…

New York Minute – anything can happen

October 2010 |

A 6-part miniseries journeying through the five boroughs, along with those who embody the New York minute. A street-level look at the Big Apple, revealing broken fates but spotless hopes.


June 2011 |

Insitu is a poetic essay and interactive documentary about the urban space in Europe seen through very diverse artistic experiences and interventions. Around the film, an exlusive participatory poetic map of the urban space in Europe and a blog allow the debate to go beyond the film, new practices of the city to exist online and in the city.

Prison Valley – The Prison Industry

April 2010 |

Welcome to Canon City, Colorado, a town in the middle of nowhere with 36,000 inhabitants and 13 prisons, one of which is Supermax, the new 'Alcatraz' of America that holds the world record for ratio of the number of penitentiary establishements per inhabitant. A prison town where even those living on the outside live on the inside. A journey into what the future might hold.

Traena – Northern Beat

June 2012 |

Every year since 2003, the Træna Archipelago located in the Arctic Circle, has hosted a "nightless" music festival. In 2011 it took us two planes and five hours on a boat to get there. Our mission for over four days was to document an entire island’s transformation into a playground for 2000 people.

Gaza Sderot – Life in spite of everything

October 2008 |

This project reports on life as experienced by men, women and children in Gaza (Palestine) and Sderot (Israel): their lives and their day by day survival. Despite their difficult living conditions and the threat of air attacks and bombings, people keep on working, loving and dreaming. Life... in spite of everything.