The builders’ challenge

A transmedia adventure at the heart of gothic cathedrals

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A trans-media adventure, different components

The Builders’ Challenge
A 3D film about the craftsmanship of gothic master builders.
A film by Marc Jampolsky
The Strasbourg cathedral is a stunning edifice, a masterwork of gothic architecture which also expresses the bold ambitions of its creators. With its church spire which rose to a height of 142 meters it became the world’s tallest building and it held that distinction until the 19th century. Who were the master builders of the cathedral? What is the cathedral’s history? Learn more about what was going on at one of the most prestigious construction sites in the Middle Ages.

The Making-Of: Revealing the Production’s Secrets
A documentary about shooting the film and about the post production.
Discover the artistic and technical complexity of the film “The Cathedral – The Master Builders of the Strasbourg Cathedral” which had been entirely shot in 3D. To learn more about the challenges of such a film production that really broke new ground, we interview members of the film crew, such as the director, the stereographer, the chief technician and many more.

The Doc-Game
A groundbreaking web-documentary built up like a video game.
Become a master builder in a game that lets YOU be the hero! Discover the master builders’ secrets and design a virtual second tower for the Strasbourg cathedral using the “tower builder” design tool.

Mobile App
Interactive tour guide: With modern technology you can revive the Middle Ages again today!
Explore the cathedrals in Strasbourg, Ulm, and Freiburg in a playful and new way. Reconstructions, anecdotes, photos, and original blueprints are also available. Furthermore, you might want to check out the different designs for the virtual second tower from the docu-game on site.
Available in French and German:App Store and Google Play.


  • A collaboration of: Seppia, Indi Film, ZDF, ARTE GEIE, CFRT
  • In co-production with: Orange
  • Production - Cédric Bonin, Pascaline Geoffroy, Benjamin Cölle and Arek Gielnik, Sandrine Heitz, Caroline Kelsch, Christian Schwalbe, Heike Lettau, Claudine Planty
  • Realization - Christian Gyss
  • Direction - Gabriel Goubet, Marc Jampolsky
  • Concept (story architect) - Bigger Than Fiction
  • Development - Mimensis, Zeitland
  • Music, sound mix and sound design - Parlez-vous anglais ?, Editions CFRT, Bauer Studio
  • Design, graphic design, computer graphics - Agence VO, Idfabrik, Zeitland, Andrea Schulz, Christoph Engelhard, Luxx Studios
  • 3D - Inventive Studio, OND, Orange, Binocle, France Télévisions Signature
  • Editing - Henri Gander, Guillaume Bringard, Alexandra Faust
  • Sound editing, sound mix, mix, foleys - Franck Rivolet, Antoine Gerber, Nathalie Vidal, Dieter Hebben, Michael Vermathen
  • Camera - Binocle, Raul Fernandez


  • Erwin von Steinbach - Xavier Boulanger
  • Klaus von Lohre - Alexandre Cantini
  • Gerlach - Olivier Piechaczyk
  • Ulrich von Ensingen - Jean Lorrain
  • Johannes Hültz - Philippe Ohrel
  • Erwins Parlier - Loïc Guingand
  • Gerlachs Parlier - Marc Schweyer
  • Johannes' Parlier - Lucas Bleger
  • and Alain Moussay, Philippe Couerre, Raymond Roumegous, Patrick Nogues, Pierre Dourneau, Paul Demange, Bruno Helissen, Sébastien Alsters, Christian Furlani, Anne Somot, Christian Waldner, Damien Auvray, Marcel Nock, André Huber, Benoît Haas, Pascal Gangloff, Raymond Bitsch, Robert Goddard, Martin Adamiec, Sylvain Urban, Claude Delamarre, Jean-François Michel, Manuel De Col, Laurent Dolci, Benoît Laudenbach, Dominique Kling, Frédéric Schalck


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