The Legend of the Maya-City that destroyed itself

Uaxuctum preview image

This VR360 documentary experience immerses us in a rehearsal session of Giacinto Scelsi's work for chorus and orchestra, "Uaxuctum".

The camera is next to Chef Aldo Brizzi who works in full with the choir and the Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra. Suddenly, the sets move and invite the viewer to “let go” for a hypnotic virtual journey full of Mayan mysticism.

The work “Uaxuctum” itself was subtitled by Scelsi “The Mayan City destroyed by themselves for religious reasons”.

The sound recording and the mixing of this experiment were done by Radio France. The visual effects were designed and realized by Saint George Studio (Paris).


  • Production - Sebastiano d'Ayala Valva
  • ARTE G.E.I.E., Radio France, Les Films de la Butte


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