The Devil’s Toy Redux

Skateboarding, from 1966 to the present

The Devil’s Toy Redux preview image

A cinematic experience designed to open the audience's eyes to the depth and breadth of the skate film genre

The Devil’s Toy is a bridge between Claude Jutra’s time and ours. A series of reinterpretations, written and shot by fourteen directors from across the world, are juxtaposed with the original 1966 film. The project is as much a tribute to the original film as it is an invitation to see our society through a different lens. Skateboarders, filmmakers, web developers, and designers have joined their effort to make this collective work.


  • Production - Dana Dansereau and Dominique Willieme
  • Executive Production - Loc Dao and Hugues Sweeney
  • Original idea - Hugues Sweeney and Rob McLaughlin
  • Artistic Consultant - Jermey Mendes
  • Direction - Alex Leduc
  • Web design and development - Deux Huit Huit
  • Mobile version development - WE+ARE
  • Coproduction - ONF, Créations Films, ARTE France


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