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An in-depth look at camps

Fifty-two million: according to the United Nations, the number of human beings who are forced to live in a place that is foreign to them. In a tent, under a tin sheet or slate roofs, most refugees have found shelter in camps – of which there have never been as many as there are today. To illustrate the diversity of this new reality, ARTE journalists chose four different locations in Nepal, Iraq, Lebanon and Chad. In each refugee camp, a film director, a photographer, a writer and a cartoonist were given free rein to describe their experiences. Their work is being shown on television Saturdays in ARTE Reportage and on the ARTE Info website – each time taking you to a new destination from September through December. In the interactive experience “Refugees –Report from the ground”, you can become a special correspondent for ARTE and produce your own multimedia reports. This project has emerged after an encounter between Marco Nassivera (ARTE News Director) and Régis Wargnier (Director). It then received support from UNHCR.


  • A project by ARTE GEIE
  • Head of the information department - Marco Nassivera
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  • Editing - Hélène Giummelly, Ludovic Mingot, Florence Touly
  • Mixing - Marc Gigoux
  • Photos - Christina Malkoun, Martin Middlebrook, Reza, Laurent Van der Stockt
  • Drawings - Reinhard Kleist, Nicolas Wild
  • Anchorwoman - Andrea Fies
  • Translations - Eclair Group, Studio 7, Christine Amtmann, Ritu Bhanot, Puri Govind, Jochen Metzger
  • Head of production - Anne-Florence Garnier
  • Production - Sylvana Iorio, Caroline Kelsch, Anita Leroux, Cécile Thomas, Sylvia Walks
  • Online marketing - Valentin Duboc, Heike Huntebrinker, Françoise Lecarpentier, Jonas Schlatterbeck
  • Press - Cécile Braun, Fabienne Rieffel, Manuel Schoenung
  • Mechanics and ergonomics - Martin Kuppe (Method in the madness)
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