Resist universal automation by musical rebellion - by Gangpol & Mit

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In an automated world, Abdu and Al resist monotony through sound crafts and musical sedition.

Welcome to the Globozone: a vast commercial and technocratic complex behind closed doors from which no one ever leaves. Two employees are deeply bored in their respective job positions. One a lax security guard, the other a psychopathic clerk, they are nevertheless united by a common passion: to overcome air-conditioned monotony thanks to the unsuspected power of sound bricolage and musical sedition.


  • Written and directed - Gangpol & Mit
  • Artistic direction - Guillaumit
  • Sound and musical direction - Sylvain QuĂ©ment
  • Technical management and supervision Unity - Alexandre Coirier
  • Coproduction - Umanimation, ARTE France


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