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A weekend to create a video game? Plenty of time!

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Fancy being part of a team and creating a video game? With prominent mentors from around Europe to guide you? Sign up for ARTE’s European Game Jam! We welcome applications from people in every walk of life – developers, designers, writers, journalists, directors, students and professionals.

Practical details

The event: Friday 6 to Sunday 8 March 2020
Signing up: Tuesday 7 January to Tuesday 4 February 2020
Place: Commune Image, 8 rue Godillot, 93400 Saint Ouen, France
Getting there: Metro line 13 to Mairie de Saint Ouen station
Official hashtag: #GameJamARTE
Social media: Discord , Facebook , Twitter: @ARTE_Interactif

The principle

The idea is to shine a light on video games – and create a few of them together. The goal is to start conversations, pool skills, learn new ones, meet people and weave a European web of creators, writers, game designers and developers.

It will be an adventure – and pioneering. It will be all about blending expertise through fair, positive teamwork. And it will be exactly what ARTE stands for: fostering creation, supporting it and sharing it with a wide audience.

Besides being the European cultural TV channel, ARTE is a digital network revolving around creation and innovation. ARTE has coproduced and published several interactive experiences and video games including Type:Rider, Homo Machina, The Wanderer: Frankenstein’s Creature and Vectronom. Our catalogue of productions showcases our distinctive aesthetic and narrative slant, and will thrill indie-game enthusiasts as much as anyone else.





What is a Game Jam?
It is a challenge which involves creating a video game in a limited period of time. Participants spend a weekend working in teams to design, create and develop an original video game that meets a specific set of requirements. At the end, each team presents its game and the other participants test it. Then we publish the games on a public platform for everyone to enjoy. Participants are assisted by mentors (experts in related fields).

Who can take part?
Anyone (provided we select them): we welcome developers, designers and writers as well as journalists, directors, students and professionals. All you need is a creative streak – and to be able to communicate in English.

 Why are you going to select participants?
Because we want to make sure the teams are balanced and multidisciplinary.

 You’re basically asking us to come along and create a game for ARTE?
No! Everything you create will be yours to keep. All ARTE will do is provide a safe, caring environment to create, and mentors working in the video-game industry to help out, for a weekend. ARTE also reserves the right to promote the games at various events and on an page we will set up specifically for the occasion. We will naturally make sure we credit everyone who was involved in producing each prototype.

 Do I have to sign up to be at the ARTE Game Jam?
Yes, you will only be allowed into the event if your name is on the list of participants.

 Do I have to pay to sign up?
No, the event is free of charge. But the number of participants is limited to 60.

Which are the main dates?

  •       07/01/2020: ARTE announces the Game Jam, candidates can sign up
  •       07/01/2020 to 04/02/2020: Candidates sign up
  •       07/01/2020 to 04/02/2020: We announce the names of the mentors and other details relating to the organisation
  •       05/02/2020: We announce the names of the selected participants and set up the Discord platform for jammers
  •       18/02/2020: Live Q&A with participants
  •       06/03/2020: ARTE Game Jam at Commune Image in Saint Ouen

What will the theme be for the ARTE Game Jam?
Surprise! We’ll announce it on the day of the event!

Is the ARTE Game Jam a competition?
No, it’s a place where people can share ideas openly and freely. Our goal at this Game Jam is to cross-fertilise skills and expertise, and to get people in every generation to mingle. The teams, for example, can include students and experienced jammers.

Do I need to find a team before I can sign up?
No, we’ll select the participants and team them up. Our goal is to form multidisciplinary teams with a balanced range of profiles and skills. 

What do I need to bring?
Your computer and anything else you might need to create a video game (a graphics tablet, game controllers, musical instruments, etc.). We will provide a large room with comfortable chairs and tables, power supplies and Wi-Fi access. There will also be a quiet area to rest and an outdoor terrace to get some fresh air.

 Will you be providing meals?
Yes, we’ll be covering all that from the Friday evening to the Sunday evening (cocktails, snacks, breakfasts). If you’re vegan or vegetarian, or have any food allergies, please let us know when you fill in the form to sign up.

 Can we sleep at the venue?
No, we’ve decided not to make sleeping arrangements at the venue to keep it fair for everyone. But the venue will be open until midnight!

 What will the schedule be?
Friday from 7.30 pm to midnight
Saturday from 9.00 am to midnight
Sunday from 9.00 am to 8.00 pm

 Can I sign up if I’m under 18?
No, we will only be selecting participants aged 18 and up, for liability reasons. We also reserve the right to ask for proof of your age.

 Can I take part remotely?
No, participants need to be at Commune Image throughout the event.

 How can I contact you?
By email ( or on our Discord server 

 Where will I be able to access the creations from the Game Jam?
They will be available on


  • Artistic Direction - Simon Bournel-Bosson


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