Unfiltered confessions for a hymn to life in all its forms

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Four seasons, four salvos containing 20 individual stories of a tipping point or an epiphany. In the privacy of a roving recording studio, German, Canadian and French people share their unvarnished, unfiltered stories. These unique, authentic self-portraits are all the more revealing for what they tell us of our society and the world around us.

FRAGMENTS is a web series of 80 episodes lasting five minutes each, a succession of real-life stories ­told in the first person. In sharing a significant event in their lives, be it one that turned everything upside down or a seemingly insignificant occurrence that helped to make them who they are, they tell us their story. Taking their lead from Paul Auster’s I Thought My Father Was God, a collection of real-life stories initially compiled for a radio programme, and – more recently – from photographer Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York project, these personal, family stories form a prism that speaks of individuals, on the borderline between the intimate and the social, blending the highly personal with universal themes.

Filmed vertically, with neither introduction nor narration, this web series designed for social networks invites each protagonist to tell their story freely to the camera. Taken together, these brief, compelling confessions make up a dramatic structure as rich as it is fragmented, reflecting the human mosaic that gradually appears before our eyes. While the guests speak freely in what appears to be an intimate bubble, at the end of each episode the place where the interview was conducted is revealed: a small black box nestling in the heart of a living environment; its fragment of history becomes part of something greater than itself.

This transatlantic series will present a total of 40 episodes filmed in Quebec and 40 others filmed in Europe (France and Germany). After a first season focusing on the theme of the family, filming continues and the teams set off in search of new stories in France, Germany and Canada.


  • Coproduction - URBANIA, 2P2L, ARTE France
  • Directors - Aurélie Sfez, Xavier Havitov, Danic Champoux


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