Monsanto crée un Blog pour contrer l’impact de mon enquête!

Monsanto vient de lancer un “Blog” intitulé “Monsanto according to Monsanto“!

Lorsqu’on clique sur “Why a Monsanto Blog?”, on apprend que ce blog est un “spoof”, un plagiat censé contrer mon film et livre “Le monde selon Monsanto”!!

Voici ce que l’on peut lire:

This blog will address issues related to Monsanto, our business, and technology in agriculture.

The title Monsanto According to Monsanto is a spoof of The World According to Monsanto, a horribly biased documentary which portrays Monsanto in a very negative light. Aside from the shoddy journalism, we at Monsanto found it incredibly arrogant that the filmmaker would present her own twisted view of Monsanto as the company’s view of the world.

If anyone should speak to Monsanto’s vision of the world, it’s those of us who come to work here every day and collectively make this company what it is. This is the main reason for this blog.

Quel honneur!

Cela n’empêche pas la chaîne canadienne Canal D de rediffuser mon film ce soir même!

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