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Fiche de visionnage: Republic of Moldova – Arrivederci by Valeriu Jereghi



Title: Arrivederci

Release date: 2008

Director and Cinematographer: Valeriu Jereghi

Genre: Feature film


Laureate of Erasmus EuroMedia award, the movie Arrivederci was applauded by the European Parliament and awarded with the Grand Prix of the Moscow Eurasian Teleforum. In this movie, the Moldovan director, Valeriu Jereghi shows the life of two children trying to face daily problems alone, without their parents. Their father abandoned them. Their mother went to work in Italy to earn money for the family. Being only 5 and 7 years old, they already know what lack of tenderness and poverty is. But they are not desperate. They dream of seeing their mother again. The only things that connect the little children with their mother are an old photo and the song « O sole mio », which they use to listen to together. Full of emotions and dramatic moments, the story ends with a hope for a better future of their family and of the country they live in.


This black and white movie presents the tragedy of a family, the concept of which is distorted by poverty and migration. It is a sensitive story that tackles the problem of abandoned children, resulting from the economic migration of their parents. The movie also highlights the problem of abandonment of women by their husbands, who earn their living abroad.


The destiny of the movie »s protagonists reflects, in fact, the faith of hundreds of Moldovan children. The socio-economic reality of Moldova forced more than six hundred thousand citizens to migrate. According to official data, there are 84.207 schoolchildren left without parental supervision as a result of migration. The parental migration always puts at risk the child »s development, education, protection, socialization, physical and emotional health. Although Moldova disposes of a series of instruments regulating social issues, as well as direct policies addressing vulnerable groups, the State is not able to replace the parental care.


The movie Arrivederci renders the reality, not only of Moldovan citizens, but also of those of other countries facing massive work-related migration. The problem of migration, and of children left behind, needs to be addressed in a consequent way by the policy-makers. From this point of view, Arrivederci can be understood as the unique voice of abandoned children, whose echo must be heard, not only by their parents, but also by the government.



Olesea Bolocan


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