Why is ARTE now available in English, Spanish, Polish and Italian?

ARTE in English, ARTE en españolARTE po polsku and ARTE in italiano are a part of the ARTE Europe initiative which is a project that ARTE is running with financial support from the European Union. It involves broadcasting a selection of ARTE’s programmes on the Internet Smart TV and ARTE, with English, Spanish Polish and Italian subtitles.

It is the first cultural international broadcast of this kind in Europe.

As linguistic diversity is a part of European’s cultural richness, ARTE Europe initiative aims at giving European citizens a larger choice of high-quality programmes.

With our new offer now available in 6 languages, ARTE can reach out up to 70% of European citizens, which can now have access to our programmes in their native language.

Why isn’t the full French and German offer available with English, Spanish, Polish or Italian subtitles?

ARTE in English, ARTE en español, ARTE po polsku and ARTE in italiano offer only a selection of ARTE’s programmes. They comprise several hundred hours of programmes per year, free of charge, and feature the channel’s flagship magazine shows, documentaries and reports. In addition, they offer a selection of live recorded performances from ARTE Concert.

Why are some videos unavailable in certain countries?

All the programmes of ARTE in English, ARTE en español  ARTE po polsku and ARTE in italiano are available throughout Europe and the EFTA countries. Depending on distribution rights over half of the offering is also available globally.

Apart from this website, where else can I watch ARTE?

ARTE is rebroadcast in French and German beyond France and Germany on many satellites and cable networks in Europe and worldwide.

A large portion of the channel’s programmes is also available in Europe and (depending on distribution rights) around the world on

Besides the website, ARTE in English, ARTE en español ARTE po polsku and ARTE in italiano programmes are also available on the ARTE applications for mobiles and tablets and for connected television sets.

You can download the ARTE app for IOS and Android

Why do videos sometimes trip?

When you click on Play, the video player determines which of the three image-quality levels will work best.
If your bandwidth (which depends on the operator) changes while you are playing the video, the initial image quality may no longer be suitable. In that case, unfortunately, you will need to test the three image qualities one by one.
We are doing all we can to provide the best image quality, but sometimes low Internet speed or bandwidth may affect the quality of the image.

How can I get a job at ARTE?

We offer jobs and internships in different fields (programme, technical and administrational) in France and Germany.
All of our current career opportunities are listed on our Careers site. Please note that as a general rule, all employees are expected to speak French and German as a minimum requirement.

How can I submit a project to ARTE?

You will find all the information on ARTE Pro. Please bear in mind that this page is available in French only.

If you have a question regarding ARTE’s French and German offer, please consult our extensive FAQ in French/German.

For all other information, please visit the ARTE corporate website.























8 June 2017