2010 - 2019

2018 Executives
Régine Hatchondo, Vice-President of ARTE GEIE, Chief Executive Officer of ARTE France

Chief Executive Officer of ARTE France since August 2018
Vice-President of ARTE GEIE since November 2018

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2012 Executives
Alain Le Diberder, Programme Director of ARTE GEIE
November 2012 - December 2017
2014 Executives
One-year extension for ARTE's Presidents
June 2014

A one-year extension until the 31st of December 2015 is offered to the President and Vice-President of the Management Board, Véronique Cayla and Gottfried Langenstein, as well as to the President and Vice-President of the General Assembly of ARTE GEIE, Markus Schächter and Rémy Pflimlin. In this way, the General Assembly wishes to insure greater continuity in the governance of the station, 

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2005 - 2010

2007 Executives
German presidency: Dr. Gottfried Langenstein
2007 - 2010

As per the channel’s statutes, ARTE passes over to German presidency for the 2007-2010 period. In January 2007, Dr. Gottfried Langenstein is nominated President and Jérôme Clément becomes Vice President of the ARTE GEIE management board.

1995 - 2005

2003 Executives
French presidency: Jérôme Clément
2003 - 2006

As per the channel’s statutes, ARTE passes over to French presidency for the 2003-2007 period. Jérôme Clément is nominated President and Gottfried Langenstein (Director of International Affairs at German channel ZDF and ARTE Coordinator), Vice President of the ARTE GEIE management board.

1999 Executives

1st German presidency: Prof. Jobst Plog
1999 - 2002

Jobst Plog, President of NDR (and former chairman of the ARTE General Assembly) becomes the first German President of the ARTE GEIE management board. Jérôme Clément, President of ARTE France is nominated Vice President.

1990 - 1995

1995 Executives
French presidency: Jérôme Clément
1995 - 1998

Jérôme Clément, President of ARTE France is reappointed to the ARTE GEIE management board for a second term, while Jörg Rüggeberg succeeds Dietrich Schwarzkopf as Vice President.

1994 Executives
French presidency: Jérôme Clément
1991 - 1995

Jérôme Clément, President of La Sept, and Dietrich Schwarzkopf, Program Director at ARD, are nominated President and Vice President of the management board.

1991 Executives
ARTE is born
April 1991

A new European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG/GEIE) is formed, comprising La SEPT and ARTE Deutschland TV GmbH. Jérôme Clément and Dietrich Schwarzkopf are nominated President and Vice President of the management board.