2010 - 2019

2017 Corporate Identity

Eyes and Ears Award 2017, Munich
ARTE's corporate identity
Category Design:

Best New Corporate Design Package
Best Bumper or Station-ID Package
Best 2D/3D Animation

Category Promotion:

Best promotion spot for special programming for the live transmission of the opera „Madame Butterfly“

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2017 Corporate Identity
ARTE as Europe’s cultural magnet
von The Partners und Lambie Nairn

The Partners developed a brand idea: ARTE – Europe’s cultural magnet. They reimagined the ARTE logo as a magnet then, to maximise the space of the wide screen format, spun it 90 degrees and placed it on a vertical axis.

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2014 Corporate Identity
Summer of the 90s

Whether in style or music, the 90s are back on ARTE for a special 2014 summer highlight. Fall of the Berlin Wall, end of the Cold War and shifting borders, documentaries, concerts and movies turn back to a decade of radical political, social and technological changes.

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2011 Corporate Identity
3D Logo
January 2011

ARTE's visual identity is revolutionized under the artistic direction of Ulli Krieg and her team of artists and designers.  Innovations include a striking new 3-D logo designed by Joost Korngold (Re*Nascent), and ingenious, kaleidoscopic links between programs.

Lila Tamazit, Julian Sibre, and for a short time, Stephane di Benrando, lend their voices to ARTE for transmission in French, while on the German side, long time associate Barbara Stoll is joined by Frank Stoeckle.

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2005 - 2010

2008 Corporate Identity
Gebt mir einen Grund fernzusehen

ARTE’s corporate visual identity and sound design are given a makeover by the Munich based agency Luxlotusliner, and the Parisian agency, Novaprod Owl.  The logo is brought into sharper relief by placing it on a 3-D colour gradiant against a background collage of vivid portraits of people of all ages

German promotional campaign: "Gebt mir einen Grund fernzusehen" ("Giving viewers a reason to watch TV").

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1995 - 2005

2004 Corporate Identity
New look for ARTE

Winds of change sweep through ARTE, with a new design produced by the Velvet Agency (Munich) and the accompnying statement: “ARTE, vivons curieux” ("ARTE, be curious"). In a bold visual innovation, the on-screen corporate logo is tilted back 4°, and twisted to open out the image enhancing its impact.

2001 Corporate Identity

ARTE gets a Makeover

ARTE introduces its new pastoral look with help from the “Razorfish” agency.  Matched to the beat and colours of the four seasons, snatches of whimsical stories from everyday life are interspersed between programs, all embossed with ARTE’s distinctive logo.

1990 - 1995

1995 Corporate Identity
ARTE's Logo Freshened Up
January 1995

ARTE’s corporate identity gets refreshed with a redesigned warm orange logo from the British creative agency, Lambie-Nairn & Company, and new thematic links according to program type (documentaries performing arts, movies).

ARTE launches a campaign in Germany: « ARTE. Europäisch fernsehen » “European TV” (MWI, Agency, Hamburg).

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1992 Corporate Identity
New logo signals new beginning

"Laissez-vous déranger par ARTE" - "Let ARTE shake you up"!

Creation of the ARTE logo by the “Well Well Well” agency, led by Philippe Truffaut and graphic designer Dan Benesh. A radical graphic gesture, its lower-case letters lopped off at the base, the logo reflects the station’s desire for a bold new beginning.

The new on-screen identity is equally dramatic, with strange figures such as the three city gents,

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