2016 Partnerships
ARTE in Italy
July 2016

The Italian public broadcasting company RAI Com has signed a partnership agreement with ARTE to actively collaborate on coproductions and programme acquisitions, and merge the online footprint of the two channels. This eighth partnership strengthens ARTE’s roots in the European audiovisual landscape.

2017 Corporate Identity
ARTE as Europe’s cultural magnet
von The Partners und Lambie Nairn

The Partners developed a brand idea: ARTE – Europe’s cultural magnet. They reimagined the ARTE logo as a magnet then, to maximise the space of the wide screen format, spun it 90 degrees and placed it on a vertical axis.

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2004 Broadcasting
24/7 digital in European and Mediterranean countries
Autumn 2004

In European and Mediterranean countries ARTE switches from the analogue broadcasting of evening programs to digital transmission 24/7.

New Headquarters in Strasbourg

ARTE GEIE inaugurates its new headquarters in Strasbourg, close to existing European institutions. The building is designed by the Franco-German architectural team of Hans Struhk and Paul Maechel.

1995 Partnerships
ARTE in Switzerland and Spain
July 1995

Cooperation Agreement with SRG SSR (Switzerland) and TVE (Spain).  In October 1995 an ARTE window "Noche Temática", is opened on on RTVE (Radiotelevisión Española).

French ARTE Editions
May 1994

La Sept ARTE launches ARTE Editions.

1993 Partnerships
ARTE in Belgium
February 1993

ARTE develops partnerships in Europe, signing a cooperation agreement with Belgian public service broadcaster RTBF (Radio-télévision belge francophone). Within the context of this partnership an own window ARTE Belgique hab been scheduled between 2006 and 2014: magazines and documentaries produced by the RTBF were broadcast on ARTE in French and also in Dutch.