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PANASONIC SMART TV : On Panasonic Viera TVs (post-2009 models), you can download our app via the Viera Connect Market in the “video” section.

SAMSUNG SMART TV : On Samsung smart TVs, you will find our app in the “Video” category in the Samsung Apps boutique. To access the boutique, click the “Menu” button or the “Smart Hub” button on your television’s remote control. Available on post-2014 models.

LG SMART TV : To access the platform on an LG Smart TV, click the “Smart” button on your remote control. The ARTE app is available in the “Smart World” in the “Entertainment” category.

TOSHIBA : To find the ARTE app on a Toshiba smart TV, click on the “Menu” button on your remote control. Go to “Toshiba Places”, then “TV places”. This service will no longer be available in 2018.

SONY : For 2012 or 2013 models, the “Home” feature lets you access the Smart TV home page. Go to “Internet Content” to find the ARTE app. For models from 2014 and beyond, click on the “Home” button on your remote control, then choose “Apps”.

PHILIPS : The ARTE app can be found on the home page of the smart platform.

NETRANGE : The NetRange Smart TV platform is available in France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria on TVs and set-top boxes made by Loewe, Sharp, Vestel, Changhong, TCL, JVC, Ikea, Pioneer, Thomson, Dune and Keenhigh.
The ARTE app can be found in the “Entertainment” section and in “All apps”.

FOXXUM : Foxxum platforms can be found on Medion, Hisense, Metz, Haier and Blaupunkt televisions. The ARTE app can be found in the “Video” category on the first or second page.

GRUNDIG : The ARTE app can be found on the platform’s “homescreen”.

LOEWE : Click on the “home” button to access the Loewe Smart TV MediaNet platform homepage. The ARTE app will appear directly on the “homescreen”.

TCL / THOMSON : You can find the ARTE app in the “Entertainment” sections as well as in “All apps”.


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12 November 2018