ARTE apps

Further to the ARTE app, which enables viewers to watch our programmes free of charge, ARTE has developed other programme-related apps. Overview.


Watch all ARTE programmes

The ARTE app gives you the opportunity to watch ARTE live (concerts) or via catch up.

Its streaming service allows you to choose from all the versions broadcast (original language with subtitles, French dubbed, German dubbed, or subtitled for the hearing and visually impaired as well as in English, Spanish, Polish and Italian), directly via the video service.

It is easy for you to find the video you are looking for by sorting them by date, programme or category using an optimised search engine and browser.

The app provides you with a tailored “My ARTE” offer, which can be used to compile a list of your favourite programmes, subscribe to programmes and newsletters and start watching a programme on one device and continue viewing on another (PC, mobile app, smart TV).

Innovation: you can now watch ARTE offline!

Are you away on holiday and don’t have an Internet connection? The ARTE app now lets you download programmes and watch them wherever you like. How does it work? Simple! Just go to the video page of the programme you want to download. If it can be watched offline, you will see a “Download” button, just click and enjoy!

You can download the app for free from iOS and Android.


Reality even better

Imagine stepping inside a movie, being able to see the scenes unfold all around you as if you were there. Look around by simply moving the device or swiping. For total immersion the device can be switched into VR mode, and when inserted into a cardboard VR holder, your phone can be used as your own Virtual Reality headset. You find here all ARTE360-projects!

Try and get it here for Android and for iOS and for GearVR and for Daydream.


A webdocumentary, "Alma, a Tale of Violence"

Alma looks straight into our eyes and gives us a raw, unvarnished confession of her five years as a member of one of Guatemala City’s most violent gangs. Today, her country is being decimated by an insidious, nameless war.

This application enables the user to page back and forth between a “confession” level, in which Alma tells her story facing the camera, and an “evocation” level, in which documentary photos blend with drawings to give life to Alma’s memories.

4 languages to choose from: French, German, Spanish, or English.


Download the app for free from iOS. Compatible with iPad only.


An interactive animation app, "Anne Frank au pays du manga"

Available in French and German only


In Japan, The Diary of Anne Frank remains a timeless bestseller. So much so that the tragic tale has even been reworked as a manga comic. What does the success of this book say about the way people in Japan today look back on WWII? Set off on a journey through this interactive animated documentary to understand what, from the Holocaust to Hiroshima, could be seen as shared history between Japan and Europe.

Download the application on your tablet iOS and Android.


12 November 2018