New logo signals new beginning


“Laissez-vous déranger par ARTE” – “Let ARTE shake you up”!

Creation of the ARTE logo by the “Well Well Well” agency, led by Philippe Truffaut and graphic designer Dan Benesh. A radical graphic gesture, its lower-case letters lopped off at the base, the logo reflects the station’s desire for a bold new beginning.

The new on-screen identity is equally dramatic, with strange figures such as the three city gents, the bewitching female twins or the unusual street lamp lady, appearing at the start of every program proclaiming “Sur ARTE, l’heure, c’est l’heure!” (ARTE – it’s now or never!).

Sylvie Caspar is ARTE’s French voice (1992-2010) while in Germany the honour goes to Doris Streibl, (1992-1993), until Barbara Stoll takes over in 1994.

ARTE launches its first ad campaign in France: “Laissez-vous déranger par ARTE”/“Let ARTE shake you up!” (Audour, Soum, Larue, agency, Paris).

In Germany ARTE launches a campaign around Christmas « Wenn Sie Weihnachten satt sind:  ARTE » “When you’re tired of Christmas, try ARTE!” (HSR & S/SMS agency; Düsseldorf).


26 November 2014