Prime-Time Access Improved

September 1998


ARTE beefs up its access prime-time slot (7-8:45 p.m.) to clearly differentiate itself from other children's channels sharing the same frequency before 7 p.m. (La Cinquième in France and Kinderkanal in Germany), and also to bridge the gap between French and German prime times (8:45/8:15 p.m.)  On offer are original and appealing series, reports and documentaries.  From 7 p.m: discovery, environment,  science (“Archimède"), history (“Histoire parallèle"), travel and music ("Tracks", "Maestro").  From 7:50-8:15p.m.: weather forecast and news with a European focus (“ARTE Info”).  And from 8:15-8:45 p.m.: international news reporting (“ARTE Reportage”, “GEO”) during the week, with arts (“Palettes”) and theatre at the week-end.



27 November 2014