ARTE Reportage and Karambolage

January 2004

[caption id="attachment_56785" align="alignleft" width="195"]2006-Nathalie Georges - Andrea Fies - ARTE Reportage ARTE Reportage - Nathalie Georges - Andrea Fies[/caption] A clearer and more user-friendly schedule allows the viewer to pick-out and identify similar programs at more regular times. ARTE offers in-depth analysis on current affairs and places Europe at the heart of its programming with three daily editions of "ARTE Info" during the week, a "Journal de la culture" that explores the choicest pickings from the European culture scene, and an international magazine, "ARTE Reportage". In addition, the program "Karambolage" gently pokes fun at the differences, both big and small, that exist between the French and Germans.