ARTE 24/7 In Germany

January 2001

[caption id="attachment_56623" align="alignleft" width="195"]2001-ARTE Senderdesign Razorfish © Razorfish[/caption] 12.5 million German households get access to ARTE.  24/7 in digital thanks to the ASTRA 1C satellite, and from 2 p.m in analogue.Cable operators deliver ARTE to Bremen in 2001, to Lower Saxony and Hamburg in 2002, and to Rhineland Palatinate, Berlin and Brandenburg in 2003. ARTE also broadcasts 24 hours a day in Germany from November 2002 on the digital terrestrial network (DTTV).ARTE's afternoon schedule features series and documentaries on familly, heath and society, providing valuable insight into the everyday life of Europeans.