Visual identity


ARTE logos are registered trademarks. Their use is subject to the explicit prior authorisation of ARTE. Any use without such authorisation may constitute an act of infringement.

If you are an ARTE partner or service provider, you may use the logos within the framework of the agreement you have concluded with ARTE.

Otherwise, you can send an application to describing exactly the intended use (context, duration, territory), and you may be granted a trademark licence.

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Our visual identity

The British agency The Partners, now known as Superunion, designed ARTE’s new corporate identity with Stuart Radford and Graeme Haig as creative directors. They have also worked for other media and arts institutions like the BBC, the National Gallery and the Museum of Modern Arts (MOMA).

We chose the British agency The Partners, who submitted a strong, ultimately unbeatable concept that displays ARTE as a ‘culture magnet in Europe’. There is a poetic dimension to this design, a breath of air that lets us take our time, take the time to dream, understand or forget, radically resisting the frenzied tide around us. But there is also a very powerful, conscious engagement within a specific political context. It’s at once simple and bold.

Cécile Chavepayre, creative director at ARTE


Vertical logo: ARTE – Europe’s cultural magnet

The channel is at once a reference and a magnet for Europeans, symbolising cultural diversity in all its manifestations. The ARTE logo is reimagined as a magnet, to maximise the space of the wide screen format, spun it 90 degrees and placed it on a vertical axis.



The Barna Stencil typeface accentuates the magnetic effect of the logo. Barna Stencil is, indeed, crafted like a stencil, a reminder that ARTE has that special “hand-made” quality, a human touch with values and savoir-faire.



The stings punctuate the end of the programme and the start of the ad break. They are just four seconds long and play with the viewer – the subject never actually reaches the ARTE magnet.


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2nd February 2023