The European Collection

European documentaries, current affairs and magazine programmes available for free

Five partners, one project: for the European Collection, the five public broadcasters ARTE, ARD, ZDF, France Télévisions and SRG SSR are teaming up to offer a joint selection of content on the political and social topics of the day.

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Get to grips with the issues that resonate with Europeans

What do our European neighbours make of the urgent issues facing our societies? What topics are of particular interest to them? Sustainable development, the various health systems and the economic situation in Europe are all subjects that the European Collection invites viewers to discover, offering a European take on contemporary subjects.

The joint catalogue is available in Europe and offers – for free and in five languages (French, German, English, Spanish and Italian) – documentaries, current affairs programmes and web productions on each of the partners’ digital platforms (website, apps, Smart-TV):,,, and Play Suisse.

Context & Financing

The European Collection takes its cue from the recommendations of the Treaty of Aachen signed on 22 January 2019, in which France and Germany called for the creation of a Franco-German digital platform (Article 9).

The soft launch in 2020 was made possible by co-financing from the MEDIA sub-programme of Creative Europe. In 2021, the European Collection benefits from further EU funding as part of a project entitled “Towards a European Public Sphere: Multilingual Programmes from across Europe” within the Multimedia Actions budget.

In addition to the European Collection, the EU-funded project supports the development and rollout of a news recommendation box, an initiative coordinated by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). The Recommendation Box will draw on trusted news content produced and curated by public service broadcasters from across Europe. The content will be automatically translated into target languages and published on the broadcasters’ websites. The Recommendation Box is slated for launch in July 2021.

For both the European Collection and the EBU-led initiative, the EU funding is aimed at bringing existing content to new audiences across Europe. In addition, it will enable participating broadcasters to access a suite of innovative tools for subtitling and translation.