Teachers and pupils

An innovative on-demand educational video service

From primary to secondary school, Educ’ARTE provides teachers and pupils with a catalogue of over 1,000 of ARTE’s best programmes, 85 % of which were made in Europe, for example Mapping the World, Karambolage, Xenius, Philosophie and many more.

Selected by teachers based on their educational value, the content is indexed by subject and curriculum level.
This project aims to use digital tools to make culture accessible to all children, irrespective of their social background or where they live.

At the heart of the scheme

Support educational projects in schools, develop a multidisciplinary approach and promote the value of modern languages, increase understanding of the world, encourage legal means of using digital technology, promote the value of cultural and artistic education and education in media and news.

See also Programmes for kids.

Teachers and pupils

Teachers and pupils have unlimited access to the content available and are able to watch the programmes in any learning space, whether it be in class, in the LRC or at home.

With the help of easy to use tools adapted to their needs, they can also personalise the content and make it their own by creating extracts or mind maps, annotating videos and sharing content between teachers or with pupils.

Available in French, German and English

With the option of subtitles. Other languages, including Spanish, will be available shortly.

Available on all devices

This service is compatible with computers, mobile phones and tablets. Documentaries may be streamed or downloaded

In practice

Educ’ARTE is available through subscription with a school or local authority.

For a free trial of the service or to request a quote, please send an email to