The Replay offer

  • The entire replay offer of the ARTE media library is available in Germany and France. Outside these two countries, 85% of the programmes are available in German and French speaking countries in Europe. Two thirds of the programmes are available across Europe and nearly half of programmes worldwide.

    A selection of the programmes is also available with subtitles in English, Spanish, Polish and Italian. All of the latter can be accessed throughout Europe and more than half of them enjoy global access rights.

    In general, there are two reasons for restrictions:
    – Often the distributors of the programmes do not have the rights to distribute them on the internet, which is why we can not acquire them. Or the distributors reserve the rights.
    – For legal reasons, some of our contributions or excerpts are only available within the main broadcasting area of ​​ARTE, which is mostly in Europe, especially in France and Germany.

    However, we always endeavor to obtain the appropriate rights for our programmes in order to make the content accessible to viewers outside the main coverage area.

  • Some programmes contain scenes that can shock a young or particularly sensitive audience. Through a system that takes into consideration youth protection regulations, the videos can now be viewed throughout the whole day, but only after an age indication by the user. This determination appears on the screen as follows:

    “Attention, this programme contains video passages that can shock sensitive or young viewers.” / Continue

    “Warning, this video is not appropriate for kids under 18. Are you 18 or older?” / Confirm / Cancel