General Information

  • ARTE was created on 02.10.1990 from an intergovernmental treaty between Germany and France and therefore not bound by any national broadcasting contract. The shareholders, ARTE France and ARTE Germany, each hold 50% of the ARTE capital. The broadcaster is subject only to the supervision and control of its members “to the exclusion of any interference by an authority, including independent authorities responsible for the regulation of broadcasting in the country of the registered office” (Article 1 of the above-mentioned treaty). ARTE’s guidelines are based on those mentioned in the Interstate Broadcasting Agreement, but for the stated reasons, they may also differ.

  • The state media authorities in Germany are responsible for the setup and development, as well as the approval and control of private broadcasting in Germany. As a public service broadcaster based in France, ARTE is in principle not under the responsibility of the German state media authorities. The only direct point of contact is the role of the state media authorities in the allocation of programmes on cable networks. The state media authorities determine, in accordance with the respective state media or state broadcasting laws, which programmes have the priority to be shown on the cable networks of the respective federal states. Since ARTE is one of the must-carry transmitters in Germany, the state media authorities ensure its presence on all cable networks.

  • Here you can find all information about the financing of ARTE.

  • Due to security reasons, we can unfortunately only accept very few visitor requests, since we have neither an appropriate department nor the necessary premises to welcome visitors.

    Only groups that are directly related to the television industry can receive an appointment within a very limited framework.

    If your group meets this precondition, feel free to send your request to:

  • Here you can find information about the broadcaster ARTE, its structures, goals, contents, and much more.

  • ARTE broadcasts no advertising in the classical sense. However, Articles 19.2 and 7.3 of the ARTE founding agreement provide for partnerships as a possible source of funding.
    These partnerships consist of financial or material support by implementing or broadcasting programmes to promote the name, image, brand, actions or activities of a natural or legal person or groups of people.