• The interactive educational medium Educ’ARTE is an SVOD offer aimed at schools, school operators and media centres. The online video library offers more than 1000 programmes with authentic and relevant content as well as numerous interactive functions – it is a media library, creative tool and educational network all in one.

    With Educ’ARTE, teachers and students can view, download or create their own clips, rewrite texts, insert graphics, phrases and quizzes, build mind maps, use subtitles or text transcriptions, and design collaborative and individualized lessons within a legally protected framework. The platform is available in German, French and English. The videos are available in German and French and a selection of them also in English, and they can be shared across schools or countries. In addition, Educ’ARTE offers a selection of videos with subtitles in English, Spanish, Polish and Italian.

    Educ’ARTE and its website are offered and maintained by our French member ARTE France Développement. If you have any questions, please contact the Educ’ARTE team: