ARTE Broadcasts 24/7

April 2005

[caption id="attachment_56825" align="alignleft" width="195"]2005-Régie de diffusion ARTE ARTE - Regie[/caption] ARTE broadcasts 24/7 in France via DTTV (TNT). With the switch to Digital terrestrial television (DTTV), ARTE’s daytime programs, only previously available since January 2001 to cable and satellite subscribers, can now be watched by most viewers in France. Programming is extended on week-end mornings and weekdays after 2 p.m, after midday as of October 2005, and as early as 8 in the morning from the beginning of May 2006. In addition to retransmissions of flagship evening programs, ARTE also offers new series on family, health, and cuisine, providing insight into daily life across Europe.