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The Long March to Social Justice

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How do our neighbours in Europe view the pressing social issues of our time? What issues are they concerned with? Five partners, five languages and one joint project: The European Collection. As part of this project, ARTE, ARD, ZDF, France Télévisions and SRG SSR offer a joint selection of documentaries, reports and web formats on current issues in European politics and society.

Get on Your Bike

Invisible: The Click Workers

20 min

Starting Out in Life (1/2)

First Steps

44 min

The Sky's the Limit

First Steps (2/2)

44 min

Generation Coronavirus: Spain

3 min

Microwork for a Micro Salary

Invisible: The Click Workers

21 min

Who Protects the Proctecters?

Invisible: The Click Workers (3/4)

21 min

Hope for Gig Workers?

Invisible: The Click Workers (4/4)

30 min

Talenta - School for the Gifted

25 min

Unemployed over 50

Ways out of the age trap

51 min

Uneasy Partners

China and Switzerland Do Business

53 min

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