ARTE Concert


With Daniel Hope

European culture shines through even during the pandemic. Violinist Daniel Hope invites Europe to his Berlin living room for a series of 27 concerts, one for each country of the European Union. Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 19:00 (CET).

Daniel Hope with Michael Barenboim and Natalia Pegarkova-Barenboim

Europe@Home: France

65 min

Daniel Hope with Amir John Haddad - EL AMIR and José Salinas

Europe@Home: Spain

46 min

Daniel Hope with Francesca Dotto and Helen Collyer

Europe@Home: Italy

48 min

Daniel Hope with Sarah Aristidou and Annika Treutler

Europe@Home: Cyprus

48 min

Joseph Calleja, Maria-Elena Farrugia and Alina Pronina

Europe@Home: Malta

67 min

Daniel Hope with Jana Kurucová and Tahmina Feinstein

Europe@Home: Slovakia

47 min

Daniel Hope with Christian Gerhaher and Gerold Huber

Europe@Home: Germany

46 min

Daniel Hope with Iván Fischer, Jacques Ammon and Ferenc Snétberger

Europe@Home: Hungary

50 min

Daniel Hope with Kristjan Järvi

Europe@Home: Estonia

53 min

Patrizia Sieweck, Daniel O'Connor and Nicole Ohnesorge

Europe@Home: Ireland

53 min

Daniel Hope, Pekka Kuusisto and Jarkko Riihimäki

Europe@Home – Finland

57 min

Daniel Hope and Dreamers’ Circus

Europe@Home: Denmark

44 min

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