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True or False: Challenging Euromyths

Negative stereotypes on the European Union abound. How much truth is there in them? ARTE attempts to bust some euromyths.

Europe is Swamped with Migrants


2 min

Too Much Regulation

Euromyth No.3

2 min

The Tyrannical EU Commission

Euromyth No.4

2 min

EU Law Trumps National Law

Euromyth No. 5

2 min

MEPs Get a Salary for Life

Euromyth No. 6

2 min

The Euro Made Everything Expensive

Euromyth No. 7

2 min

The Euro Only Benefits Rich Countries

Euromyth No. 8

2 min

MEPS are Too Old

Euromyth No. 9

2 min

MEPs Have Lots of Privileges

Euromyth No. 10

2 min

Europe is Letting Our Planet Die

Euromyth No 11

2 min

A Populist Future

Euromyth No 12

2 min

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