Grandmother's Footsteps

66 min

Available until 31/08/2024

Expecting her first child and questioning how to align motherhood with being an artist, Lola Peploe begins a dialogue with her grandmother Cloclo, a landscape painter, aesthetic nomad and free spirit. Lola decides to follow in her footsteps and return to Greece to the Cyclades where Cloclo spent the last twenty years of her life painting. She begins speaking to Cloclo in her mind, reconstructing Cloclo’s life as she wanders through the streets of Amorgos in search of her old painting studio.

A navigation between past and present, alternating between unexpected encounters, super 8 video footage filmed by her father, and voice recordings of Cloclo recounting her own life.

The Film includes the voice of Charlotte Rampling and the last ever screen appearance of Bernardo Bertolucci.


Lola Peploe





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