Joe Hisaishi in Concert

Paris Philharmonie

Joe Hisaishi in ConcertParis Philharmonie

Is it a coincidence that so many of the top grossing Japanese films have a score written by Joe Hisaishi? He was a long-term collaborator of legendary Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli, as well as Takeshi Kitano. Hisaishi returns to France with the Strasbourg Philharmonic Orchestra, to perform and conduct pieces from Ponyo and Princess Mononoke, along with his much-anticipated Symphony No. 2. This concert in Paris is a chance to dive into the fascinating world of a multi-faceted artist, at once composer, conductor, pianist, and lyricist.


Symphony n° 2

[Woman] for Piano Harp, Percussion and Strings

Princess Mononoké, Suite

Duration :

92 min

Available :

From 22/06/2022 to 08/05/2023

Genre :

Performance Art

Versions :

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