General Elektriks at the Paris TrianonParty Like a Human

Zany French group General Elektriks perform their album  Party Like a Human live from Paris.


Intro In The Night Sky

Cosmic Check (part 1) : They Came From The Stars Seeker

Different Blue

Just A Man, Just A Woman

Pick Up The Pieces

Angle Boogie

Central Park

David Lynch Moments mashup avec Girls and Boys

Corne de gazelle (feat. Leeroy)

Migration Feathers


Chambre Magique

Take Back The Instant

The Spark

Raid The Radio

Party Like A Human

Tu M’intrigues

Little Lady

Giving Up On You

Cosmic Check (part 2) : One Foot In The Grave Cosmic Check (part 3) : Humans Unite !


Recorded live at the Trianon, Paris on 3 December.

Duration :

70 min

Available :

From 31/05/2022 to 02/12/2023

Genre :

Performance Art