Gay Filmmaker Rosa von Praunheim is 80Lucky Child

Director of some 150 film, Rosa von Praunheim - real name Holger Bernhard Bruno Mischwitzky - continues to surprise with his subversive and committed work, and has been active in the gay liberation movement his whole life.

As productive as ever, he has recently made a documentary about the German singer Rex Gildo (who hid his homosexuality all his life and eventually committed suicide), supervised a retrospective of his own work, published a novel and written the libretto for a musical adapted from one of his most famous feature films. A portrait of the artist-activist with interviews from several people close to him, including comic book writer Ralf König, producer Regina Ziegler and journalist Brandon Judell.


54 min


From 07/12/2022 to 23/05/2023


Documentaries and Reportage

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