TwistPristina and Procida: Sustainable Culture


Twist goes to Pristina for Manifesta 14, the European biennial, to meet Kosovo's artists. Hana Zeqa, stylist and costume designer, works on structural fashion pieces, capable of changing shape and colour. Flaka Haliti has erected an imposing metal structure, which mixes flames and clouds. Painter and photographer Vigan Nimani crisscrosses Kosovo with his camera and captures buildings that will then inspire him in his paintings. 

We also spotlight the small island of Procida, in the Bay of Naples. It's the most densely populated island in the Mediterranean and is this year's Italian Capital of Culture. Twist meets Agostino Riitano, manager of the Procida 2022 project, to talk about the environmental and cultural impact of the event.

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31 min

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From 07/10/2022 to 17/09/2023

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Magazine Shows

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