Who We Eat

The End of Meat

Who We EatThe End of Meat

In Friederike Schmitz's workshops, schoolchildren act out how much space a fattening pig has on the floor of their classroom. In the discussion, it becomes clear that the children think in a similar way to adults: we all feel sorry for animals but changing our behavior is still difficult. Friedrich Mülln, the founder of SOKO Tierschutz, explains why he takes so many risks in the name of animal welfare. Activist Tobias Leenaert lives on a farm in Belgium with freed and rescued pigs, ducks, chickens and a turkey that loves to look in the mirror. He is convinced that the vegan movement cannot progress with moral arguments alone. Many people who reduce their consumption have more influence than a few hardliners. He explains why it is so difficult for people to change their behaviour.

Duration :

32 min

Available :

From 16/08/2022 to 31/07/2023

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Documentaries and Reportage