Quatuor Hanson & LMC Lockers

From the Carnavalet Museum Paris

Quatuor Hanson & LMC LockersFrom the Carnavalet Museum Paris

The Hanson Quartet performs a varied programme from the Paris Carnavalet Museum with dancers LMC Lockers.


Philip Glass – String quartet n°3

Marc Mellits – String quartet n°4 « Prometheus », 7th movement

Astor Piazzolla - Four for Tango

Ludwig van Beethoven - String quartet n°11 « Serioso »

Felix Mendelssohn - String quartet  n°3, 1st movement

Maurice Ravel - String quartet in F  major

Claude Debussy - String quartet  in G minor 2cnd movement

Philip Glass - String quartet  n°3

Ludwig van Beethoven - String quartet  °11 « Serioso »

Duration :

51 min

Available :

From 18/11/2021 to 15/11/2023

Genre :

Performance Art

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