Prix de Lausanne 2021 - Day 2

Prix de Lausanne


Prix de Lausanne 2021 - The Final

Prix de Lausanne 2021 - Day 5 Selections

Prix de Lausanne 2021- Day 4

Prix de Lausanne 2021 - Day 2

Prix de Lausanne 2021 - Day 1

Prix de Lausanne 2021 - Day 2

The Prix de Lausanne is amongst the most prestigious dance competitions in the world.  Every year hundreds of highly talented young dancers apply with only 78 selected to take part.

Due to COVID restrictions, this year’s Prix de Lausanne is 100% digital. The judges will select a winner from candidates’ performances via video link.  

Livestream from days 1 to 4 are dedicated to videos sent in by the candidates. Today’s hopefuls are:

Kate Thomas, Maia Rose Roberts, Robin Park, Dongjue, Gao, Ji Young Kang, Dawon Yang, Haeeun Park, Chloe Colter, Gvendolin Nagy, Petra Johnson, Zinan Guo, Luiza Falcão, Levi Miller, Koharu Yamamoto, Yuya Aoki, Tomoka Sato, Amber Skaggs, Morganne Speirs and Eleanor Broughton.

These performances are interspersed with interviews with members of the jury: Today we meet Nicolas Le Riche, Samuel Wuersten, Katarzyna Gdaniec and Kinsun Chan. Archive footage from previous years is also on show and partner institutions contribute rehearsal footage as well.



10:00 – Introduction

10:10 – Candidates’ videos

12:10 – English National Ballet Spotlight

12:25 – Archives

14:00 –  Candidates’ videos

15:55 –  Spotlight on Royal Winnipeg Ballet School and Houston Ballet School

16:20 –  Archives

Duration :

240 min

Available :

From 08/02/2021 to 01/02/2022

Genre :

Performance Art

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