Prix de Lausanne 2021 - Day 1

Prix de Lausanne


Prix de Lausanne 2021 - The Final

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Prix de Lausanne 2021- Day 4

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Prix de Lausanne 2021 - Day 1

Prix de Lausanne 2021 - Day 1

The Prix de Lausanne is amongst the most prestigious dance competitions in the world.  Every year hundreds of highly talented young dancers apply with only 78 selected to take part.

Due to COVID restrictions, this year’s Prix de Lausanne is 100% digital. The judges will select a winner from candidates’ performances via video link.  

Livestream from days 1 to 4 are dedicated to videos sent in by the candidates. Today’s hopefuls are: Ana Luiza Sartini, Nicole Liu, Yeyool Cha, Yeju Jang, Yerin Kim, Yunshuo Liu, Airi Kobayashi, Keira Hall, Taira Watanabe, Keita Marija Bloma, Anaelle-Jade M'dallal, Charlotte Cohen, Julianna Correia Dreyssig, Rintaro Nakajima, Yoonsun Choi, Juliette Rapenne, Julie Joyner, Andrey Jesus Maciano, Jihye Shin and Hiraku Saito.

These performances are interspersed with interviews with members of the jury: Richard Wherlock (president), Clairemarie Osta (vice-president), Michel Gascard and Cinthia Labaronne.



10:00 – Introduction

10:15 – Candidates’ videos

12:20 – Australian Ballet School Spotlight

12:30 – Archives

14:00 - Candidates’ videos

16:00 Royal Ballet School and Canada’s National Ballet School Spotlights

16:20 Archives

Duration :

272 min

Available :

From 08/02/2021 to 31/01/2022

Genre :

Performance Art

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