African Dojo

Kung Fu Revolution(s) (5/6)

Kung Fu Revolution(s)


Bruce Leader

Kung Fu Revolution(s) (1/6)

Be Water

Kung Fu Revolution(s) (2/6)

Tigresses and Dragons

Kung Fu Revolution(s) (3/6)

Black Belt Matters

Kung Fu Revolution(s) (4/6)

African Dojo

Kung Fu Revolution(s) (5/6)

The Matrix and Robot Samourais

Kung Fu Revolution(s) (6/6)

African DojoKung Fu Revolution(s) (5/6)

In the 16th century, Yasuke, an African slave brought to Japan, freed himself and became the first black samurai. Kept alive by African artists and thinkers, the myth of Yasuke has now inspired a  youth already won over by the energy of Hong Kong cinema.

Duration :

10 min

Available :

From 20/09/2021 to 07/09/2024

Genre :

Documentaries and Reportage

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