Bruce Leader

Kung Fu Revolution(s) (1/6)

Kung Fu Revolution(s)


Bruce Leader

Kung Fu Revolution(s) (1/6)

Be Water

Kung Fu Revolution(s) (2/6)

Tigresses and Dragons

Kung Fu Revolution(s) (3/6)

Black Belt Matters

Kung Fu Revolution(s) (4/6)

African Dojo

Kung Fu Revolution(s) (5/6)

The Matrix and Robot Samourais

Kung Fu Revolution(s) (6/6)

Bruce LeaderKung Fu Revolution(s) (1/6)

In the world of kung fu, there was a before and an after Bruce Lee. The young actor was immediately noticed for his exceptional physical skills, representing a new phenomenon that American cinema did not immediately take seriously. Unable to find roles in Hollywood, Bruce Lee returned to Hong Kong - and from there became a global phenomenon.

Duration :

9 min

Available :

From 20/09/2021 to 06/09/2024

Genre :

Documentaries and Reportage

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