Rameau’s Hippolyte et AricieParis Opéra Comique

143 min
Available from 23/11/2020 to 13/05/2021

In October 1733, the audience at the Académie Royale de Musique witnessed the birth of a revolutionary work: Hippolyte et Aricie. With its inventiveness and musical richness, Rameau’s opera marks a break in the history of French music. A similarly revolutionary duo – Jeanne Candel and Raphaël Pichon – now get to grips with this work for the Opéra Comique.

The plot of Hippolyte et Aricie  is inspired by the work of Racine and Euripides. At the heart of the libretto, with its mix of tumultuous feelings, divine interventions and sea monsters, is  an impossible love story: that of Prince Hippolyte and the aristocratic prisoner, Aricie. The relationship will provoke the despair of Phaedra – mother-in-law to Hippolyte and with whom she is secretly in love – followed by the fury of Theseus, her husband. Consequently, the young lovers will have to deal with many a twist and turn before their love is rewarded.

For this production at the Opéra Comique, the title roles are sung by tenor Reinoud van Mechelen and soprano Elsa Benoit. In a staging by Jeanne Candel and Lionel Gonzalez, the couple are joined by  Sylvie Brunet-Grupposo, Séraphine Cotrez, Arnaud Richard, Eugénie Lefebvre and Lea Desandre. From the orchestra pit, the inimitable Raphael Pichon conducts the Pygmalion choir and orchestra.

Performance recorded on 14 November 2020 at the Opéra Comique in Paris.

  • Production :
    • François Roussillon et Associés
  • With :
    • Sylvie Brunet-Grupposo
    • Reinoud van Mechelen
  • Director :
    • Jeanne Candel
  • Music director :
    • Raphaël Pichon
  • Orchestra :
    • Pygmalion
  • Choir :
    • Pygmalion
  • Country :
    • France
  • Year :
    • 2020