The most dangerous air in Europe

The West Balkans

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What can we actually do about climate change?

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The secrets of the happy Finns

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Re: Should We Give Up Avocados?

The most dangerous air in EuropeThe West Balkans

In Tuzla, Bosnia, a coal-fired power plant has long posed a danger both to the surrounding environment and to the health of local residents. But it is not the only one. The 18 coal-fired power plants in the Western Balkans are more polluting than all the 221 other such plants in the EU put together. What can be done to solve this problem without increasing the cost of electricity?

This programme by German channel ZDF is part of The European Collection, a joint initiative of European public media (ARD, ARTE, France Télévisions, SSR SRG and ZDF), coordinated by ARTE.

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3 min

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From 11/12/2021 to 10/03/2022

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Documentaries and Reportage

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