A bonus for bookworms in Bergamo

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Cliqme: A Swiss star in Kosovo

3 min

Re: Female Truckers Take the Wheel

Re: Italian Tourism, After the Pandemic

Crystal Meth: Europe's New Favourite Drug?

A bonus for bookworms in Bergamo

Whether wood or steel, Filippo Makri is an expert in building materials. He knows exactly what is currently in stock at the Vanoncini warehouse in Bergamo, where he works. Now, thanks to reading, he is discovering new worlds – and it's all down to the company's innovative book club, which pays employees €100 for every book they borrow from the company library and report back on.

This programme by German channel ZDF is part of The European Collection, a joint initiative of European public media (ARD, ARTE, France Télévisions, SSR SRG and ZDF), coordinated by ARTE.

Duration :

3 min

Available :

From 23/10/2021 to 19/12/2021

Genre :

Documentaries and Reportage

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