Starting Out in Life (1/2)First Steps

44 min
Available from 12/03/2021 to 10/06/2021

What do I want to do with my life? What am I capable of? When you're young, the endless options can feel more like an endless void. We follow the adventures and misadventures of Pao, 24, Faourouz, 24, and Dennis, 19. Pao wants to become a social worker, but needs to get on the right course. Faourouz wants to work in fashion, and Dennis plans to study law.

This program;e by German channel ZDF is part of the European Collection, a joint initiative of European public media (ARD, ARTE, France Télévisions, SSR SRG and ZDF), coordinated by ARTE.

  • Production :
    • ZDF
  • Country :
    • Germany
  • Year :
    • 2019

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