Who Protects the Proctecters?

Invisible: The Click Workers (3/4)

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Invisible: The Click Workers

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Invisible: The Click Workers

Who Protects the Proctecters?

Invisible: The Click Workers (3/4)

Who Protects the Proctecters?Invisible: The Click Workers (3/4)

Beheadings, sexual assaults of the worst kind, terrorism, violence against women. The internet can be a very dark place where the worst of humanity's misdeeds get posted and shared across social media. That's where the platform's gatekeepers come in: moderators who filter through and take down horrific content to protect users from seeing it. But who protects the protectors? 

This documentary series by France.tv Slash is part of the European Collection, a joint initiative of European public media (ARD, ARTE, France Télévisions, SSR SRG and ZDF), coordinated by ARTE.

Duration :

21 min

Available :

From 29/03/2021 to 30/12/2021

Genre :

Documentaries and Reportage

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