The Geopolitics of COVID-19: China and Taiwan

The Geopolitics of COVID-19


The Geopolitics of COVID-19: Aviation

The Geopolitics of COVID-19: the Persian Gulf

Geopolitics of Covid-19

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The Geopolitics of COVID-19: China and Taiwan

Geopolitics of COVID-19

Brazil: Bolsonaro's 'Little Flu"

Covid 19: A Lesson in Geopolitics

North Korea

The Geopolitics of COVID-19: China and Taiwan


Less than 200km from the Chinese mainland, the 'rebellious', democratic island of Taiwan has far fewer COVID-19 cases, with only a handful of deaths. How have they managed it? And does the CPP's handling of the outbreak change Beijing's claim over the island?

Duration :

11 min

Available :

From 16/04/2020 to 18/04/2022

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Documentaries and Reportage

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