Wikipedia and the Democratisation of Knowledge

52 min
Available from 15/01/2021 to 04/04/2021

In 2001, Jimmy Wales published Hello World, the first article on Wikipedia, inviting people to participate in an encyclopaedic project. Twenty years later, Wikipedia touches all areas of our daily lives and with over 50 million articles, it is the largest encyclopaedia of all time. Wikipedia opened with a promise: to radically democratise the production of knowledge, monopolised for millennia by the elites. Anyone can collaborate on the platform, regardless of education level or social background. But is Wikipedia really a utopia come true?

This documentary delves into the heart of the Wikipedia project by interviewing founder Jimmy Wales, prominent academics and the anonymous contributors from around the world without whom the project would not exist, the Wikipedians themselves.

  • Director :
    • Jascha Hannover
    • Lorenza Castella
  • Country :
    • Germany
  • Year :
    • 2020